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China 9T 10T 12T 14T 16Teeth 420 428 Electric Bicycle Parts Motorcycle Chain Sprocket Gear for BM1418ZXF MY1020 MY1122 DC Motor with high quality

Design Amount: BM1418ZXF Sprocket
Item Identify: Sprocket
Certification: CCC CE
Throttle: Electric powered Bike/Bike/Scooter
Sort: 9 /14/16 Tooth 420 & 428
Appy to: BM1418ZXF MY1571 MY1122 DC Motor
Component: Sprocket
Packaging Details: Common export package,information make sure you make contact with with us.

9T 10T 12T 14T 16Teeth 420 428 Electric powered Bicycle Parts Bike Chain Sprocket Equipment for BM1418ZXF MY1571 MY1122 DC Motor FAQQ: What is your payment terms?A1: When order sum less 5000USD, one hundred% TT Advance.A2: When earlier mentioned 5000USD, 50% deposit,balance prior to shipment by TT.A3: Except the TT, we also take L/C, WGZ3 drum condition equipment coupling with brake wheel forty five# metal Factory Cost Rigid shaft connector coupling producer Scorching Sale Western union, paypal, moneygram. Q: What is your shipping and delivery time?A1: For inventory things, supply time about 7daysA2: For modest order common merchandise, supply time about 7-15days seventeen Inch Alloy Wheel Black Rims Red Hub Grime Bicycle Supermoto Wheels For Honda Crf450r A3: For Mass get widespread product, shipping and delivery time close to twenty-30daysA4: For specific generating merchandise, per the true conditions discussed with our product sales particular person. Q: Can you supply OEM or ODM?A:Sure,we can! But we need consumer provide clear drawing or sample. Q: Can you company offer you doorway to doorway provider?A:Yes, CPB571 Valentine’s Working day Jewelry Wholesale Basic Bead Leaves Adjustable Rope Chain Glow Luminous Beach Few Bracelets we can offer you the door to doorway provider not only specific,also sea shipment.


Sprocket Basics

When it comes to sprockets, it’s important to understand the basics of design. This includes chain size and number of teeth. The number of teeth will vary depending on the type of chain and application. When determining the number of teeth, the angle between the teeth should be at least 360 degrees.


There are many factors to consider when choosing the correct sprocket size. The first thing to do is to determine if the sprocket is a double sprocket or a single sprocket. Also available in a variety of sizes. To determine the exact size, you should measure the distance between the grooves of the sprocket teeth and their opposite tooth slots. The distance between these two points is called the caliper diameter.
The size of the sprockets also varies depending on the type of chain. Large sprockets have arms, while smaller sprockets usually don’t. The arms reduce weight and inertia, making them more economical to operate. Some sprockets also have openings, which make them easier to assemble and disassemble. Some sprockets are also plated for a stronger construction. Some sprockets are manufactured with flame or induction hardened parts.
Sprockets are often used in conveyors, pallet conveyors and other conveying systems. The size of the sprocket should match the size of the chain. A caliper will help you determine if the sprocket has worn teeth. Another way to identify worn sprockets is to measure their diameter.
In addition to size, sprockets should have the correct pitch and center distance. This will help keep the roller chain taut. The chain should be clean and properly lubricated. There should be a small gap between the pin and bushing so that oil can pass through the sprocket and chain. In addition to this, the center-to-center distance between the chain and the sprocket should be at least 1.5 times the diameter of the sprocket.
The chain should have at least 17 teeth, which is common in the industry. Having smaller spacing will reduce mechanical losses and noise. However, larger sprocket sizes are best for applications with higher workloads.


Sprockets are mechanical parts that mesh with the chain to move the chain. It is made of metal or reinforced plastic and usually resembles a gear. It is a gear design for a specific type of chain. Most sprocket and chain systems work the same way, although they vary in material and pitch.
There are three basic types of sprockets: single-strand, double-strand, and triple-strand. The length and number of teeth for each type are specified by various standards. For reference, the ISO-DIN standard is shown. Most sprockets are made of alloy steel and are case hardened and tempered in the tooth area. They also have a hub and a key for mounting.
Metal sprockets can be made of steel or aluminum alloys. While steel is a more durable material, aluminum sprockets are more attractive. Steel is the best material for long rides, while aluminum sprockets are better for casual riding.
In addition to automotive and industrial applications, sprockets are used in oil and gas, textile machinery, instrumentation and mechanical transmission. Many types of sprockets are interchangeable with each other. For added protection, they can also be galvanized to prevent rust. The main methods of galvanizing sprockets are hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing.
Sprockets are usually made of steel or aluminum. Their design is similar to that of gears, although they are more widely spaced than their counterparts. They can also span longer distances than gears, allowing them to be used for power transmission.


A chain drive is a common type of mechanical transmission in which sprockets are used to help reduce the speed of a moving object. Sprockets can have horizontal, vertical or inclined pitch and are usually used in pairs. The teeth of the sprocket mesh with the rollers on the drive chain, reducing the speed. These sprockets are usually made of metal, but can also be made of plastic or composite materials.
The role of the sprocket is to transmit motion from the output shaft of the engine to the rear wheels. For this, the front sprocket needs to rotate at the same speed as the engine output shaft. It can be mounted either on the drive track or on the front of the vehicle. A third sprocket can be connected to the drive track. In addition, the front sprocket is used to pull the drive chain. This will help transfer power from the engine to the rear wheels, allowing the motorcycle to travel forward. The side plates of the chain also help transmit chain tension.
The bushings are subjected to the tension applied to the chain as it passes through the sprockets thousands of times per minute. This puts pressure on the pin inside the bushing. Additionally, the pins must withstand bending and shearing forces transmitted from the plate to the bushing. The pins must also withstand impact and have high tensile strength. If the pin is worn, it will need to be replaced or repaired.
Sprockets power the chain-driven motion system and carry heavy loads. Proper selection of sprockets can prevent damage to your equipment. To do this, you need to select the appropriate sprocket based on the type of assembly and system specification.


Sprocket maintenance is an important part of motorcycle maintenance. Failure to do so will result in frequent chain changes and additional costs. Regular maintenance of your chain will help ensure your chain will last 30,000 miles or more. By comparison, a poorly maintained chain only lasts 10,000 miles.
Checking the sprocket is very easy. First, remove the chain and align it. Next, check for any foreign objects. If you see a damaged sprocket, you need to replace it. If you can’t replace a worn sprocket, you can buy a new chain. However, the new chain will not last as long as the old one.
Check for signs of rust. Rust can form on the chain due to exposure to humidity and heat. When the pins or rollers get rusted, the seals are damaged. If the pins or rollers are rusted, it’s time to replace the chain.
Regular maintenance of the chain is important to prevent kinks and slippage. This can cause excessive wear on the sprockets and chain. If the teeth are worn, the chain will not be able to properly grip the sprocket, resulting in difficult shifting and severe vibration.
If your chain is several years old, it is important to lubricate it every few months to prevent rust. It is also important to clean the chain thoroughly before lubricating to keep it clean and lubricated. Non-petroleum-based cleaners can help remove grit that may have built up. If you use the chain for a long time, you will need to clean it every 300-600 miles.

China 9T 10T 12T 14T 16Teeth 420 428 Electric Bicycle Parts Motorcycle Chain Sprocket Gear for BM1418ZXF MY1020 MY1122 DC Motor     with high quality China 9T 10T 12T 14T 16Teeth 420 428 Electric Bicycle Parts Motorcycle Chain Sprocket Gear for BM1418ZXF MY1020 MY1122 DC Motor     with high quality
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China Professional Professional Stainless Steel Motorcycle Sprocket Drive Roller Chain Gear Sprocket sprocket design build

Product Description


Product Description

Product Description

Item Chain sprocket, Chain wheels, gears
Design Can be at the customer’ request, tailor-made, at customer’s design,OEM
Application Petrochemical industry, Mining, metallurgy, machine tools, hydra-power
Material Casting or Forged Material
45#,SAE1045,SAE4140,SAE4150,SAE4160,20CrMnTi,42CrMo, 18CrNiMo7,42CrMo,40CrNiMoA,20CrNiMoA,stainless steel 410,stainless steel 304
Treatment Forging, machining, gear hobbing
Surface treatment Quenching, oxidizing black, galvanizing, sandblasting, oil immersion, grinding
Heat treatment Tempering, high frequency quenching, carburizing quenching
Standard ANSI, DIN, ISO
Size From diameter 250mm to 1250mm
Minimum order 1 pc

Product Real Shot 

Manufacturing Process

  1. Raw material, issue material testing report100% Ultrasonic Test ASTMA388
  2. Sawing into parts  
  3. CNC lather blank.
  4. Hobbing
  5. High Frequency and Hardness test
  6. Key way, set the screw
  7. Clean and Dimensional Checking
  8. Package and Delivery.

Data Needed for Quotation
– Your own drawing
– Your requirement on material and necessary dimensional data
– Ask for recommend


Company Profile

  ZheJiang CZPT Machinery Co., Ltd., established in the year of 2012, is a professional supplier of material handling equipment, OEM machinery parts, various forging parts and casting parts.

  Ebon’s products scope: cranes, hoists, magnets, grabs, hooks, wheels, drums, axles, lifting beams,bearing box, bearings, couplings,flanges etc. They are applied in wide range of field: Machinery, Mining, Hydro power Transportation, Construction…..

  CZPT has 5 reliable manufacturing factories to make sure stable supply and fast delivery for your business.  

  Our products are also exported to USA, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Canada, Argentina, Paraguay etc more than 50 countries.

  CZPT team is loyal and committed to your success, and firmly believes that our products and services will increase the value and effectiveness of your business with following characters:
  -Professional sales team, market promotion team and logistics team with more then 10 years experience .
  -Loyal and Responsible Characters
  -Efficient Work, Fast Response
  -Responsible Quality Control Team
  -Video the manufacturing process, the testing, and packing before delivery  
1.Q: How about your delivery time?
   A: Generally, it will take 7-30 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items, transportation ways and the quantity of your order.

2.Q: Can you produce according to the samples?
   A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings.

3.Q: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
   A: Yes, we have 100% Ultrasonic test, Magnetic test or Liquid Penetration test before delivery

4.Q: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
   A: (1) We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
        (2) We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.

5.Q: I can’t see the goods or touch the goods, how can I deal with the risk involved? 
   A: Our quality management system conforms to the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 verified by DNV. We are absolutely worth your trust. We can accept trial order to enhance mutual trust.


Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Motor, Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Manufacturing Method: Forging Parts
Toothed Portion Shape: Spur Gear
Material: Casting or Forged Material


Customized Request


How to choose a sprocket in CZPT

Sprocket is one of CZPT mechanical villagers. It can be found at levels 50, 55, 60 and 65. Like other mechanical villagers, it has a metallic texture and occasionally makes mechanical sounds when moving. It prefers green/orange and active/simple style colors.

Pitch sprocket

When choosing a pitch sprocket, you need to consider several factors, including the pitch diameter. This affects the torque applied to the shaft and the length of the moment arm. Additionally, incorrect pitch can affect belt life and wear. The pitch diameter should be measured by wrapping the belt around the sprocket at a 180-degree angle to the rod head. You can also consult engineering guidelines and product sheets to determine proper spacing.
The pitch diameter of a sprocket is the distance from the center of the pin to the next pin in the chain. The pitch diameter also determines the size of the sprocket teeth. The larger the pitch, the larger the teeth on the sprocket.
The diameter of the pitch sprocket depends on the type of bike. If you have an older bike, you should choose a sprocket with a diameter closer to the hub. If your bike has a smaller diameter rim, you can choose a sprocket with a smaller diameter and larger caliper. In addition to the caliper diameter, you should also consider the hub diameter.
Proper pitch sprockets can last longer. They are made with hardened teeth to increase their longevity and durability. You can choose between single-purpose and dual-purpose sprockets. Single-tooth sprockets have one tooth per pitch, while double-tooth sprockets have two teeth per pitch.
A pitch sprocket is a component of a bicycle chain. It prevents the chain from shaking due to uneven load distribution. Plus, it helps the chain stay tight.

three sprockets

Triple sprockets are toothed or cogwheels that move the chain. The pitch circle diameter of the triple sprocket is two and a half inches. Most rear sprockets are made of aluminum. The quality of the aluminum sheet used to make the sprocket varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, CZPT only uses the best aluminium sheets on the market. The sprockets are then shaped on a hobbing machine to ensure a perfect fit with the chain. The final anodizing process improves durability and adds personalization. The manufacturing process of CZPT is a quality control process with an uncompromising commitment to perfection.

Cone lock sprocket

Taper lock sprockets are one of several types of sprockets. It has openings in flanges and tapers, making it ideal for a variety of applications. These sprockets also have the advantage of being easy to install and remove. These sprockets are also available in pre-drilled models that are pre-drilled to fit the shaft diameter. This allows for easier installation and improved alignment. Also, you can replace the sprockets without replacing the entire gear train.
These sprockets have flame hardened teeth for extended chain and sprocket life. They also help reduce drive noise. They are available in a variety of sizes, including duplex and triplex. In addition to being made of high-quality steel, they are also available in cast iron and metric models.

Quick release sprocket

There are several different styles of quick disconnect sprockets. Typically, they come with a 2″ hole and are compatible with various welds on the hub. The Quick Disconnect (QD) style is a special style with a split design on the hub and use of torque bolts to make it easier to install. This type of sprocket is very popular in the power transmission industry.

Irregular sprocket

Idler gears are small gears that run on the chain. This sprocket can be used for a variety of purposes and is available in a variety of configurations. Its most common configuration is a ball bearing, pre-lubricated and sealed against moisture. Other idler sprockets have needle bearings, which are more stable and can handle higher capacities. Bronze bearings are another option as they have no moving parts.
China Professional Professional Stainless Steel Motorcycle Sprocket Drive Roller Chain Gear Sprocket     sprocket design buildChina Professional Professional Stainless Steel Motorcycle Sprocket Drive Roller Chain Gear Sprocket     sprocket design build
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China Good quality China Brand Conveyor Tvs Motorcycle Bike Bicycle Automobile Gear Drive Roller Chain Sprocket Set High Quality Industrial CZPT of Honda wholesaler

Item Description

China Brand Conveyor Tvs Bike bike bicycle Automobile gear travel Roller Chain Sprocket Established Large Quality Industrial CZPT of Honda 

Manufacturer of Sprocket, Chain sprockets, wheel and sprocket, generate sprocket, sprocket wheel, taper lock sprocket, gear sprocket, idle sprocket, motorbike sprocket and stainless steel sprocket, can interchange and exchange with martin size sprocket, jt size sprockets, did dimensions chain sprocket and so on.

Ep prefabricated steel sprockets are manufactured of C1045 metal, induction hardened or warmth-taken care of steel, 400 – 500 BHN hardness. Remember to specify the components you need. Unless otherwise asked for, the exterior diameter of the hub need to be enough to accommodate the needed holes and keyways. Keys to these things are not supplied unless asked for or mounted on the shaft. Split sprockets for welding or split sprockets for bolts offer an economical way to put in sprockets on shafts the place removing of the shaft assembly is prohibited. Many dimensions of sprockets are equipped with holes, keyways, and set screws. Discs or partially concluded sprockets are also stocked. For lengthy sprockets and idlers, specify the chain size used.
Sprockets are created to ISO606 and ASME B29.one hundred expectations, accessible in plate, one and double hub configurations, made from large good quality carbon steel, optional tapered bushings simplify set up and removing, remedies offered on request, like black oxide

China Good quality China Brand Conveyor Tvs Motorcycle Bike Bicycle Automobile Gear Drive Roller Chain Sprocket Set High Quality Industrial CZPT of Honda     wholesaler

China Professional Gear Sprocket for Motorcycle with Hot selling

Merchandise Description

Principal Marketplaces:

Brazil, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, and many others.

Tooth Quantity:


Area Therapy:

Black of Oxidation, Zincing, Nickelage.  


Self-Check and Closing-Check                              

Overall performance Treatment:

Carburizing, Higher Frequency Therapy, Hardening and Tempering, Nitriding


1571, 1045, SS304 , SS316, As For each Request 


ODM&OEM, Demo Buy Offered and Welcome 


ISO90001, SGS



Simple INFO 

1. Tooth profile of bike sprocket

The tooth profile of the sprocket must ensure that the chain enters and leaves the mesh effortlessly and strength-savingly, minimizes the effect and get in touch with anxiety of the chain backlinks for the duration of the meshing process, and is effortless to procedure.
The generally used motorbike sprocket tooth profile is a a few-arc straight tooth profile.

2. Sprocket composition
Small-diameter sprockets are normally integral, while medium-diameter sprockets are mostly spokes. In buy to facilitate dealing with, set up and fat reduction, holes are manufactured in the spoke plate. Large-diameter sprocket can be manufactured into a merged kind. The wheel main can be created of different supplies! For case in point: C45, stainless steel and other resources.

3. Sprocket substance

The sprocket content must guarantee that the gear enamel have sufficient toughness and wear resistance, so the area of the sprocket tooth generally gets challenging.


one. Assembly demands for motorcycle sprockets. The tightness of the chain need to be proper. As well restricted will increase electrical power use, and the bearing will use the sprocket is too loose, it is effortless to jump off the chain. The tightness of the chain is: lifting or urgent down from the center of the chain, it is about 2%-3% of the centre distance between the 2 sprockets.

two. When the motorcycle sprocket is mounted on the shaft, it have to not swing or deflect. In the exact same gearbox assembly, the end faces of the 2 sprockets should be on the identical airplane. When the heart length of the sprocket is significantly less than .5 meters, the deviation can be 1 mm when the middle length of the sprocket is higher than .5 meters, the deviation can be 2 mm. Nevertheless, there have to be no friction on the sides of the sprocket tooth. If the deviation of the 2 wheels is too big, it is effortless to cause the chain to crack and accelerate dress in. When changing the sprocket, you have to pay out attention to check out and alter the offset.

3. Following the bike sprocket is severely worn, the new sprocket and the new chain need to be replaced at the very same time to make sure very good meshing. Sprockets or chains cannot be replaced individually. In any other case, it will cause very poor meshing and accelerate the wear of new sprocket or new chain. When the tooth area of the sprocket wears to a specific diploma, it ought to be turned more than and used in time (referring to the sprocket with adjustable area) to extend the use time.

4. The chain of a new bike is as well lengthy or tightened following use, making it hard to modify. You can delete the chain hyperlink in accordance to the situation, but it need to be an even number. The chain url ought to pass by way of the rear of the sprocket, the lock plate need to be inserted into the outside the house, and the opening of the lock plate should experience the opposite path of rotation.

five. During work, motorcycle chains must be stuffed with lubricating oil in time. CZPT have to enter the matching gap amongst the roller and the interior sleeve to boost working circumstances and lessen put on.

6. The previous sprocket of the bike can not be mixed with the new sprocket, or else it is effortless to produce effect in the transmission and damage the sprocket.

seven. When storing the motorbike for a prolonged time, remember to remove the sprocket and thoroughly clean it with kerosene or diesel, then apply engine oil or butter, and then shop it in a dry place.

8.The bike chains work in unclean environments, and as a result the putting on surfaces (that is, the pins and bushings) are protected from precipitation and airborne grit, numerous even in a sealed surroundings such as an oil tub, and for dimension or operational motives are not able to be sealed. Motorcycle chains will essentially have reasonably substantial charges of wear, especially when the operators are ready to settle for more friction, significantly less efficiency, more sound and far more frequent CZPT as they neglect lubrication and adjustment.

Many oil-dependent lubricants appeal to filth and other particles, eventually forming an CZPT paste that will compound dress in on chains. This issue can be circumvented by use of a “dry” PTFE spray, which kinds a reliable movie soon after application and repels both particles and moisture.


1. Before packing the bike sprocket, essential anti-rust measures need to be taken, this kind of as: oiling, blackening, galvanizing, chrome plating, nickel plating, waxing, and so on.

two. To stop the floor of the motorcycle sprocket from currently being bumped and scratched, the internal packaging adopts foam bag packaging.

3. The outer packaging of bike sprocket is typically tailored packaging for buyers. For example: colour box packaging, coloration plastic bag packaging and consumer logos on motorcycle sprocket chain sleeves…

WHY Decide on US

one. Dependable Top quality Assurance Method

2. Cutting-Edge Computer-Managed CNC Machines

three. Bespoke Answers from Hugely Seasoned Specialists

4. Customization and OEM Available for Specific Application

5. Comprehensive Stock of Spare Parts and Components

6. Nicely-Designed Globally Advertising Network

7. Successful Right after-Sale Provider System
The 219 sets of sophisticated automated generation equipment give guarantees for large item high quality. The 167 engineers and experts with senior skilled titles can layout and produce products to satisfy the specific calls for of clients, and OEM customizations are also accessible with us. Our sound international support network can provide customers with timely following-revenue technological providers.

We are not just a producer and provider, but also an market specialist. We perform pro-actively with you to offer you expert suggestions and solution tips in get to finish up with a most cost effective solution offered for your specific software. The clientele we serve around the world variety from finish end users to distributors and OEMs. Our OEM replacements can be substituted where ever needed and suited for each mend and new assemblies.



Roller sprockets are frequently used in industrial and professional programs to transmit force to the chain by meshing with rollers on the chain, the enamel of which mate with the inner plates of the chain. A wide selection of purposes reward from these, which includes conveyor belts, big industrial drives, robotics, electrical assembly, and far more.
Ep prefabricated steel sprockets are produced of C1045 steel, induction hardened or warmth-handled metal, four hundred – five hundred BHN hardness. Remember to specify the components you need to have. Unless of course in any other case asked for, the outside diameter of the hub must be sufficient to accommodate the needed holes and keyways. Keys to these products are not equipped until requested or put in on the shaft. Split sprockets for welding or split sprockets for bolts provide an cost-effective way to put in sprockets on shafts where elimination of the shaft assembly is prohibited. Numerous measurements of sprockets are equipped with holes, keyways, and established screws. Discs or partially finished sprockets are also stocked. For long sprockets and idlers, specify the chain size employed.

China Professional Gear Sprocket for Motorcycle     with Hot selling

China factory Gear Sprocket Excavator Motorcycle Keyway Differential Starting Portable Printer Stainless Steel Galvanized Sprockets Chain Bicycle Engine Rear Plastic Conveyor with Best Sales

Merchandise Description

gear sprocket excavator bike keyway differential starting up portable printer stainless steel galvanized sprockets chain bicycle engine rear plastic conveyor
Manufacturer of Sprocket, Chain sprockets, wheel and sprocket, travel sprocket, sprocket wheel, taper lock sprocket, gear sprocket, idle sprocket, motorbike sprocket and stainless metal sprocket, can interchange and substitute with martin size sprocket, jt dimension sprockets, did measurement chain sprocket and so on.


More than time, the sprocket enamel dress in out due to friction induced by the continuous bodily speak to among the sprocket teeth and the sprocket. ep manufactures intelligent tooth sprockets with use indicator pins. These visual put on indicators explain to operators and inspectors when sprockets are nevertheless functioning securely and when they need to have to be changed.
Program efficiency is very dependent on the conversation of the sprockets, which signifies that the sprockets you select generate the success of your operation. Make the right and effortless option with ep’s sprockets. Tsubaki gives chain and sprocket production capabilities. The chain meshes effectively with the sprockets for long support daily life and reliable efficiency. This implies prolonged-expression cost savings and true worth for your operations. Minimize maintenance downtime, boost productivity and decrease alternative expenses

China factory Gear Sprocket Excavator Motorcycle Keyway Differential Starting Portable Printer Stainless Steel Galvanized Sprockets Chain Bicycle Engine Rear Plastic Conveyor     with Best Sales